A place to love, smile, have fun, dance, sing.

Jeri is a village that surprises guests upon their arrival for its natural beauties but also for its joyful atmosphere: those who come to Jeri are always captured by it In its sandy roads meet people from all over the world. But Jeri is not only natural wonders, and international atmosphere, Jeri is also: kit surfing, wind surfing, SUP , yoga, pilates, capoeira, zumba.
Jeri offers its best side when the night falls: the light is scattered by the thousands of candles and lights. Live music in the beer garden contributes in creating the atmosphere of the place along with the forro and samba, through the streets and on the beach. High standard restaurants offer dishes for every taste. The boutiques, craft shops and more are opens until late at night. A Jeri there are no street lights, so that that nothing can spoil the beautiful light of the moon and the stars.