Good winds bring athletes from around the world to Jericoacoara, for windsurfing and kitesurfing, sports that require the wind to increase the excitement. Windsurfing equipment and kitesurfing are rented in Jericoacoara, which also has several schools that offer classes with instructors certified by the ICO. Besides the windsurfing and kite that comes along every year more sports in Jericoacoara other water activities are practiced such as canoeing, fishing and boating. Jericoacoara main attraction is the beach - everything seems to happen here: you can enjoy horse riding, paying football or volley, having lessons of Capoeira, cycling, footing, trekking or just walking; even sandboard can be learnt directly with the natives. Beach restaurants and bars, fresh fish, crustaceans, live music and also beach shopping are among the other beach activities. As far as excursions are concerned, you will be able to choose between and adventure trip by buggy, including the visit at fresh water lagoon, Mangue Seco village, Camocim village, nearby beach; or 4x4 excursions to spectacular "Lençois Maranhenses" 80 square meters of sand dunes and lagoons, crossing the Parnaiba river delta and visiting the morthern beaches. Jericoacaora cultural variety extensively expresses itself in arts. Handicrafts and plastic artists provide authentic works sold in the streets. Materials are the most diverse: metal, coconut and local "cabaça" straw, shells, seeds fabrics, wires, stones, leather, recycled materials. Various artists contribute ti enrich and make local culture dynamic: residents of simple visitors, many photographs, musicians and street artistis design the multi-facet image of Jericoacoara.